Most thriving platforms for finding a remote job

Hi Thriving Nomad!
You are here because you’ve just signed up to our newsletter and as promised here is our list where you find the 10 platforms with remote jobs. Not all of them have the most meaningful/sustainable jobs in offer but you know it is: for the good things in life it takes some effort.
Anyway, if you are thinking that you can only land a remote job as a nerdy tech guy, this list will proof you wrong. We wish you all the best with finding your next remote job!

Founder Natalia Komis has a clear mission: to offer fulfilling remote jobs in socially minded businesses to people who need and want them. It comes as no surprise that she already has been a speaker at one of our Thriving Nomads events.
Find the website of Remote Mission here!

The name says it: remote jobs to be found in Europe. Which doesn’t mean of course that you can do them anywhere (remember, it’s remote!). However, due to cultural and/or language reasons it’s recommended to be from Europe. Choose the right parameters for yourself and off you go!
Find the website of Remote Europe here!

To set the right frame here: Angel is primarily a platform for startup jobs. That said, you can definitely find a decent remote job there, first-hand experiences proves is right. So if you want to give it a shot in the startup world AND of course wanting to work remotely, this platform could be a very good bet for you.
Find the website of here!

A remote job that is meaningful at the same time? The Berlin based platform tbd* is, to be fair, more focused on the social impact than on remote jobs. So you will have to do your research and homework here to find the right thing for you – which is always the case when looking for a new job.
Find the website of *tbd here!

Tech and Meaningful – yes, possible! Whereas it’s certainly not rocket science to find whatever remote tech job these days, having the combination of tech and purposefulness might be more difficult. This rather US-oriented platform offers you remote jobs in different areas, always accentuated with the tech note.
Find the website of Meaningful Tech Jobs here!

A simple and clear platform that should do it’s job – so that you get to a cool job then in the end. We hope you are going to grow while working remotely 🙂
Find the website of Nachhaltige Jobs here!

Do you happen to specifically care about climate matters and want to find a remote job in this sector? Then this is for you! Enter “Remote” as location and you’ll hopefully find the right job for you in the speed of light of exactly one second per second.
Find the website of Remotive here!

Sorry, German speakers only here! Translated as “Sustainable Jobs”, you can find some entries here marked as remote jobs. Give it a go and you might find something that might serve your preferences.
Find the website of Nachhaltige Jobs here!

A very solid page for finding remote jobs – they leave it up to you how meaningful and/or sustainable the company behind it is. They have jobs in all kind of categories and regions in the world, definitely worth having a look to see what is out there.
Find the website of Remote OK here!

It’s a pretty straightforward job platform – for remote jobs needless to say. Clearly structured, with the right parameters to set – so insert your preferences and dive in, find what might be the right gig for you.
Find the website of Remotive here!